Journalism in the 21st century, editing and ethics- pt.3

Editor’s Note: This is part 3 in a 3-part series.

It’s a Big Fucking Deal

Vice President Joe Biden issued these words today before President Barack Obama ‘s press conference. The AP and every news outlet will run with this story. AP style says to omit cuss words in quotes. I disagree with this, and as a journalist/editor, I’,m going to write an open letter to the AP.

To the editors at the AP and every newspaper who will run this story: PLEASE KEEP THE F-WORD IN. Joe Biden is the Vice President of the United States of America, the second in command of the country, not some Joe sixpack. Biden also needs to be put into context: he said “fuck” before President Obama signed healthcare reform into law. We’ve tried healthcare reform for a century, dating back to President Teddy Roosevelt, and today, after all of the trials and tribulations surrounding healthcare reform, it’s finally law, it’s finally a BIG FUCKING DEAL. Please leave the f-word in.

In other news, the LA Times has an article about a court lifting the ban on media ownership.

Speaking of media ownership, here’s another one about Fox.

In the last post, I went all-out on the media fail meme. Here’s one…uhh… not a fail, an innuendo.

Here’s an interesting media-related YouTube video.

In light of It’s a Big Fucking Deal (aka healthcare reform), the rhetoric has stepped up another notch. A blogger in Alabama posted threats on his blog, and bricks were thrown threw several Democratic offices. Journalists and members of the media: It is our moral, ethical obligation to highlight this extremism. Please do your job.

This is what journalism is about.


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