Will real journalism please stand up?

Way to go, Jeremy! Jeremy Scahill, who broke the Blackwater scandal, wins the Izzy Award for independent journalism.

Just another reason why I like Rachel Maddow.

In the wake of the health care reform passing, the GOP turned up the rhetoric and the terror tea baggers partiers have committed acts of terrorism. Yes, you read that correctly: terrorism. Terrorism is defined as “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.” Until the media uses this term correctly and calling out those who commit these cowardly acts, I will. Here are some interesting links regarding the terrorism party: Media Matter’s Eric Boehlert writing for AlterNet, House Minority Leader Eric Cantor was the “victim” of a “magic bullet” (aka b.s. story) that the media easily debunked.

Caribou Barbie Sarah Palin called us “the lamestream media.”  Sarah: you work for Fixed Noise Fox News and have a reality tv show. You are a member of the “lamestream media.” You are the lamest of the “lamestream media.”

This whole WikiLeaks-U.S. government thing is getting weird. As a journalist, I am, obviously, a First Amendment advocate. I’m for free speech. Here’s the WikiLeaks story. It’s imperative that we stand with Wiki and fight for free speech.

Here is an interesting  letter to media.

For your weekend displeasure and entertainment:

Here’s some creepy propaganda for you, courtesy of your taxes, and here’s a great Photoshop that’ll make you laugh.


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