Oh. Please. No.

This article highlights a scary situation: fundamentalists praying for a Christian takeover of the media. Here’s a snip-it of just how scary it is:

Porter, who has done many bizarre things such as claiming that anyone voting for Obama is going to hell and writing a fictional account of Christians forced into “re-education camps” had Hilary Clinton won the 2008 presidential election, actually prayed for the “Christian takeover” of the media. Apparently amongst other things, she wants “more influence than Oprah Winfrey, ” and desires “to make CBS ‘the “Christian Broadcasting System.'”

Oh please no. We already have a problem with media ownership. Furthermore, we already have a Christian-dominated media… it’s called Fixed Noise Fox News. We’ve seen how fundamentalism has ruined our country, including the Republican party.  Can you imagine America with Christian-owned and dominated media? We’d look like Isn’treal Israel.


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