No, I’m not joking

It’s April Fools Day, but I have no time for jokes. Here are some news articles and commentary found in the annals of journalism:

The re-definition of journalism reaches a new high.

Bill Donohue, the President of the Catholic League, comes out with a bizarre statement: the sex-abuse victims deserved their abuse becuase they were “old enough”

How much lower can you assholes sink? People look up to you and trust their children with your “loving, religious care,” then you abuse them, defiling the trust. You proceed to cover it up and blame the victims. On top of that, you reinstate the pedophiles.

An idiot congressman believes an island can tip over.

It’s my favorite journalist’s birthday.  Happy birthday, Rachel Maddow.

The U.S. can successfully try a terrorist in civilian courts.

Fox gets caught committing a fraud against Neilson, in an attempt to raise their pathetic numbers and make them look better.

Sean Hannity encourages terrorism.

BMW is among 120 advertisers pulling out of Glenn Beck’s show.


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