Easter, the origins of

It’s a Hollywood movie: a man endures pain, dies and comes back as a zombie three days later.

Unfortunately, people take that fiction a little too seriously.

Easter is NOT about the death and resurrection of Jesus (even if it was, many other deities such as Heracles did the same thing long before Christ). It’s about spring and fertility. Eostre was a pagan goddess of fertility and the pagans decided to worship her on the vernal equinox (the official start of spring).  Spring time means that flowers start blooming and birds and other animals return. Because of that, Easter is also about fertility, hence why we have Easter eggs (reproduction). Here’s another site with an explaination.

What I find ironic is that Easter is around April Fool’s Day, not to mention the fictional account is wrong.

This year, Easter is overshadowed by the Catholic pedophile revelations. I don’t call it a scandal because we all knew this happened, but nobody wanted to say anything–until now.


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