Oh no he didn’t

As if we didn’t already know this, the LA Times reports that Lehman Bros.’ collapse was its own fault.

Unfortunately, a mine in WV collapsed, killing roughly 20 workers and injuring many more. Here’s the kicker: the owner cared more about money than his workers’ safety.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK, defended Speaker Nancy Pelosi and decried Fox News during a town hall meeting.

I want to thank Sen. Coburn for using common sense. I’m also looking forward to the Republican/Fox spin on this. Perhaps it’ll go something like this: “Oh no he didn’t.” I want to see if Coburn passes the Republican/Fox/ tea baggers shibboleth. I would like him to, but I doubt it.

I want to thank the South for being bigots. I don’t have any words for this incident.

As you get ready to file your taxes (if you haven’t done so already), read this article (or don’t if you want your blood to boil).

Wikileaks released this video, which has made quite a stir on the Internet. (This video, too, may make your blood boil. You have been warned).

A District Court ruled against net neutrality,  deciding to rule in favor of Comtrash Comcash Comcast and other big telecoms. Say goodbye to cheap, slow Internet and hello to even slower and more expensive Internet access.

Net neutrality needs to be written about more often. People assume that it means that somebody will take over the Internet. It does not. It limits telecoms on how slow they can make our Internet connections and how much they can gouge consumers.

In another “oh no he didn’t” moment, porn star Stormy Daniels became a Republican and is running for Senate.

Speaking of the South, Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell… uhh… turns back time.

In an article that gets my blood boiling, a law school student demanded $999 trillion from the U.S.  Supreme Court for allowing abortions and planned on becoming a terrorist.

I want to know what your LSAT score was, what law schools you applied to and what law school you graduated (Southern Methodist University, according to the article). I spent the last six months attempting to get into law school, only to be rejected by all six schools I applied to. You, sir, are an insult to all lawyers and law school graduates. You, sir, are an insult to all current law school students. You, sir, are an insult to all prospective law school students. Rather than having your nincompoop ass in prison, I want the American Bar Association (ABA) to disbar you and your law school for allowing this and for being an insult to the legal system. As a law school student, you should know that lawyers, like doctors, take an oath to “not do harm” and “benefit everyone.” That’s why some lawyers do pro bono work. It’s for the greater good.


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