How hot is Hell?

Given today’s news and its implications,  Hell has officially frozen over.

An asshole doctor “forgets” the Hippocratic Oath.

Some people have common sense.

Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corpse Corp. said his premier television channel should not be backing any political party.

Here’s an article that’ll put the terrorist baggers’ panties in knots.

Forbes goes inside the “mind” of Glenn Beck (that is, if he has one) and reveals some shocking news.

In light of the Wikileaks video showing the U.S. military using terrorist tactics against Reuters photographers,  we’re granted a look inside Reuters at the time this incident occurred.

Obviously,  he had to make a huge ethical decision. Here is a possible scenario: a) run the story, implicate the military, show the true horrors of war, do your job as a journalist; b) don’t run it, sit on it for years until some other news organization opens that particular can of worms. That is a simplified version of the ethical decision making loops that we as journalists and editors go through on a daily basis. Personally, I would have gone with the former because this, to me, is what journalism is all about: challenging and questioning authority.

Anyhow, Tennessee is charitable.

I’m going to beg the question again: how hot is Hell?

I think it just froze over (meaning it’s 31° F and below).


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