Something wicked this way comes

Fox fails math. Fox also hates middle class tax cuts, while the wealthy demand that they pay more taxes.

America hates teachers, apparently.

Here’s some damn good journalism (aka fact checking).

Former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckleberry shows his “Christian values.”

Glenn Greenwald writes a piece for AlterNet about Afghanistan and the media.

Details in the Catholic church’s  child abuse scandal and the Pope’s role keep surfacing.

Speaking of surfacing scandals, here’s another one.

You remember the story of Constance McMillien? She’s the lesbian who wanted to bring her girlfriend to her school’s prom, and the bigots who run the school wouldn’t let her. Then, she was given a fake prom, while all the other students went to the actual prom. Now, Green Day, the AHA and NSYNC member  Lance Bass are going to give her a “second chance” prom.


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