In other news…

Glenn Beck’s show has lost a significant portion of its audience since Jan.

Oh no. It must be a sign of the apocalypse.

Mississippi continues their bigoted, homophobic ways, cutting a lesbian girl from the yearbook.  Speaking of Miss., Constance McMillien will have Westboro Baptist Church (i.e. “God hates fags” cult) protesting her graduation. Maybe Miss. will wake up and smell the roses.

Sen. Carl Levin grills Goldman Sachs, calling what they did/sold “shitty deals.” Keith Olbermann is the only newscaster to not censor the word.

The birthers are back with a new conspiracy theory.  Hawaii, the president’s birthplace, passed a new law ignoring birthers.

The Oklahoma Legislature proves just how misogynistic they are.

Archeologist’s have “found” Noah’s Ark, although science disproves their bullshit.


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