What year is it?

Virgina’s AG, Ken Cuccinelli, is wasting using taxpayer money for –drumroll, please– a picture of a breast. No, I’m not joking (although I wish I was). So, what year is it, again? 1845? 1950? 2010?

After AZ passed a new racial profiling law, they might want to look at these numbers.

A car bomb forced NYPD to evacuate Times Square. Although, Al-Quaida has claimed responsibilty, a white man was seen near the car. How long before we begin to racial profile white males, given all the furor wingnuts have over attempted terrorism.

The U.S. government subpoenaed a NYT journalist over his new book. Gotta love freedom of speech and of the press.

Here’s some more media-related news: a pro-Wall Street reform protest occurred and the media ignored it; ¬†President Obama blasted the media during a commencement address; Christine Amanpour leaves CNN; a little fact-checking reveals that the recent oil spill is NOT Obama’s Katrina.; Glenn Beck created and ran with a hoax.

Last Thursday (April 29), Bill Maher posted the following message on Twitter:

“Every asshole who ever chanted ‘Drill Baby Drill’ should have to report to the Gulf Coast today for cleanup duty.”



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