News of the day

Editor’s note: Sorry I’ve been away. Graduating from college, moving and unapacking all your stuff is tiring.

As if we didn’t know this, the “War on Drugs” is failing– and badly.

Comedian Lewis Black has some strong words for Glenn Beck.

After Arizona’s ridiculous racial profiling law, they decided to forbid ethnic studies.

Heaven forbid! There are people different than me and I should learn about them (unless the state says “No.”) I’m still waiting for the terror baggers and the small government crowd to denounce this, but I won’t hold my breath.

Since I haven’t blogged for so long, allow me to add my two cents on the Elena Kagan nomination:

I wanted a more liberal, progressive nominee to counter the uber right-wing activist judges (John Roberts and Sam Alito).  I’ve done some research on Kagen and she doesn’t have the best First Amendment and  the separation of church and state, which are my two biggest gripes with her nomination. I’m also tired of the media asking the same redundant, unnecessary questions such as “Is she a lesbian?”. It’s not relevant.


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