Going off the deep end

After Isn’treal Israel attacks a ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, Pres. Barack Obama orders that we send aid to Gaza. Speaking of the Isn’treal-Gaza situation, Helen Thomas, the best and last remaining journalist, asked the tough questions about the situation, and got hammered for it. She has since resigned (although there was no reason to), but here’s a story about the Helen Thomas situation and double standards (hint: if you work for Fixed Noise and say that, you’re a pundit; if you work for any other “liberal” media outlet, you’re anti-semitic). Here’s a great list of the top 10 Helen Thomas quotes.

I’m extremely disappointed that she resigned. She was a great voice and an even better journalist. She served in the White House Presscorps since 1960 under 10 administrations, and she asked the toughest questions every day. She, along with Woodward and Bernstein, was the reason why I got into journalism.

Glenn Beck has called pretty much everyone in the Obama administration as “Nazi,” but here’s proof that Glenn is one himself.  Glenn has also gone off the deep end regarding his lower ratings.

Yesterday, Tuesday, June 8, California and 11 other states held primaries. Carly Fiorina, the former HP CEO, won the Republican senate primary. During her victory speech, she went off the deep end.

After digging himself in a hole, Rand Paul, also goes off the deep end with special comments about BP.

Here’s an article that’ll scare the shit out of you.


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