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Do the Hokey Pokey

CNN asks the world’s most pressing question.

Pres. Obama said today would be the day that we withdraw from Iraq, except that we’re still there.

Texas State Board of Education re-writes history.

Rand Paul, the newly elected Republican candidate for Senate in Ky., does the Hokey Pockey and gets all twisted up. First, he goes on Rachel Maddow and gets grilled about his extremely flawed, narrow-minded views. Here’s an interesting piece about the interview, specifically about Rachel’s style of interviewing and how it’s good for the journalism industry. Now, he  says that Pres. Obama is “wrong” to criticize BP for the oil spill.

The terror baggers prove–yet again– that they’re racists.

Tom Corbett, PA’s attorney general and Republican gubernatorial candidate, subpoenas his critics’ Twitter accounts. So much for the First Amendment.

Speaking of the First Amendment, BP is criticizing CBS for doing it’s job and is threatening to remove cameras from the Gulf region.

Here’s another good one for you: our senators don’t know how to use ATMs.


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Patrick Kennedy hits the nail on the head

U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., called out the media Wednesday for over covering the Eric Massa scandal, while forgetting the debate over Afghanistan.

“We’re talking about Eric Massa 24/7 on the TV. We’re talking about war and peace, $3 billion, a thousand lives, and no press? No press? You want know why the American public is fit? They’re fit because they’re not seeing their Congress do the work that they’re sent to do,“ Kennedy said.

Kennedy hits the nail on the head. While the Massa scandal is big and deserves coverage, the debate over pulling troops out of Afghanistan is bigger and deserves more coverage. Just as the media forgot to ask questions in the lead-up to Iraq, the media refocused their priorities to make people forget that we’re spending billions and wasting precious lives on Afghanistan.

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