Boiling blood

As we know, BP’s latest attempt to plug the hole, “top kill,” has failed. As a result, they lost 15 percent of their market share. On top of that, they’re now censoring cleanup workers from taking and posting pictures of the harm they’ve done to the environment, although a few can be seen here. (Caution: These pictures are disgusting and disturbing and will make your blood boil).

As we also know, Isn’treal Israel violated international law by raiding and opening fire on a ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. One of the murdered peace-keepers was an American, yet America has refused to condemn the vicious and deliberate attack. Look at Israel’s astounding admission, and Helen Thomas is the only journalist to ask the tough question. Here’s the main problem with Israel: It’s becoming it’s own worst enemy; Israel is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Glenn Beck fails U.S. history and declares that the owner of Fox contributed to 9/11.

George W. Bush admits to being a criminal.

Here’s another admission from another right-wing scumbag that’ll make your blood boil.

Our First Amendment rights are under assault from police.



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2 responses to “Boiling blood

  1. Mags

    Glen Beck is a Circus Clown, albeit one with a large and rapt audience of idiots. I find it frightening that anyone can take him seriously…. especially how he’s prone to temper and tears.

    On the bright side, (pun intended) Betelguese might go supernova sometime in the next few decades.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll see that well before I can ever expect to see a SS check.

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